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xp 2000

-on xp to add 2 net cards any 1 of them must have dns and Gateway! -progman:icons at ..system32/shell32.dll -sp2:insert sp2 to i386:old distribution,readme+update.exe /integrate -eccelerate hdd:at system.ini: add after [386enh] irq14=4096(irq check msinfo32) -from 98 : x:\i386\winnt32 /checkupgradeonly scanstate /I migsys.inf /I miguser.ing /I sysfiles.inf \\london\migmig loadstate extract cdrom:\support\tools\deploy.cab go to setupmgr|new unatended answer file|fully autometade| installed from cd| rename it to winnt.sif & put it at a disket to upgrade run: winnt /u:answer_file or winnt32 /unattend[num]:answer_file winnt32 /unattend:unattend.txt /udf:computer1,unattend.udf -profile:my computer,properties|advanced| user profile |settings| copy to| type: %system drive \documents and settings\Default user | Yes -sysprep:run setupmgr| sysprep| -diskpart /? for managing disk DISKPART> select disk 0 convert dynamic: ~install 2k after xp for dual boot:backup to disket:ntldr+ntdetect.com install 2k to defferent partition,boot into 2k,copy the 2 files to the root dir -dynamic disk: spanned volume- writes to 2 disks the same (no fault tolerence) stripped volume -writes to 2 disks at once (faster) u can mount a directory and another partition as one letter moving a compressed file will ~ not keep attributes
-efs: file| advanced attribute | encrypt content u need to export the private key in order to decript a incripted file (th public key is written inside it) at advanced options | detailes |encription detailes| add a user who can transparently access this file -boot.ini: /baseviseo /bootlog (at c:\winnt\ntbtlog.txt) /debug (through a serial cable) /maxmem:m (memory problems in kb) /noguiboot /safeboot:parameter /sos (display device drivers) -instaling recovery console:from command: cd:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons (its like pressing r from the cd) there u can copt system files from cd to hdd -on start when boot menu apeers press F8 than enable boot logging than u can c the ntbtlog.txt file: c the tcpip loaded on recovery console type: disable tcpip. enter again at enable boot logging check it at the ntbtlog.txt - no entries for tcpip start with recovery console: type : listsvc than scroll to tcpip- disabled that type: enable tcpip service_system_start -configuring desktop environment for all users: right click start|open all users|than : new: folder,shortcut, -configure for individual user: right click start|explore all users -profile: copy and make roaming at properties of my computer|advanced |use profiles botton -net : if u choose the dhcp -u have another tag : alternet configuration
net user administrator 11 -ftp://username:password@sitename telnet: enable the service from :computer managent|services and aplications-u get only 2 connections at a time -mmc: add remove snap-in|group policy object|expand computer configuration| windows settings|security settings| local policy |user rights assignment|log on localy| users |remove ! regular user will not be able to logon at local policy|security options|add message at interactive logon

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