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-norton has encountered an internal program..: remove nav/nsw(system works)/nis(internet security): 1. uninstall norton 2. run remoover 3. delete c:\program files\symantec folder \norton anty virus \common files\symantec folder 4. regedit: windows\all users\application data\symantec delete registry: Hkey_local_machine\software\symantec Hkey_current_user\software\symantec 5. all entries with symantec HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT ~ 6. msicuu2 -than windows install cleanup 7. %temp%
8. docs & settings\all users\symantec~ \user1 \symantec -not enough privilages:local machine\software\symantec edit|priviliges give fullcontroll to users & rahel -could not retrieve requested list:search for *settings.liveupdate delete them (4) for 2005:search for : product.inventory.liveupdate write down this path,copy and paste it on the desktop uninstall the old live update delete:c:\documents and settings\All users\Application data\symantec
c:\program files\symantec search for LiveUpdate and delete its Folders download live update installation file,install it(lusetup.exe) copy and paste the previous product.inventory.liveupdate at the path written before-replace files if needed
-LU ~1805 could not run liveUpdate: find system32\hosts file than leave there only localhost of not:at dos cd system|attrib oleaut32.dll -s -h|rem oleaut32.dll ->.old | win /d:m(safe mode) than install dcom98.exe -cannot update:add/remove :liveupdate | install lusetup.exe -falls even after fixing gaobot :local machine\software\microsoft\windowscurrent version\run delete explore.exe & 1 more exe. also at :run services also find -service (dont know what next) -live updates probs:prog files\common files\symantec shared\virus defs\definfo - ..\all users\...\downloads dir)
-scan from safe mode: navw32 /l -backdoor.hackdefender: local machine\software\MS\internet explorer\main-delete backdoor \system\current control set\services\hackdefender...

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Patel said:
Sweet, it works. As a child I had the demo of this game on my PC. I played it over and over, this brngis back so much memories. I can't thank you enough for posting this.Did you create this yourself? I wonder who and how these patches are made.

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