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-378/ipq 7, ecp+epp, 3, epp1.3, off from cdrom:\deskjet\9xx\dos copy 930.exe+synsetdf.dat to c:\deskjet than run install, reboot to dos only. c:\deskjet\djcp push Enter. from the window: M, A, P-->66, charecters: latin hebrew or pchebrew, O ,D, Y=yes.ok exit, shutdown the printer for 20 sec check it by Alt+128, Alt+129 than pus the printscreen botton. check 2: c:\ dir > lpt1

Summer said:
It's a pleasure to find such ralitnaoity in an answer. Welcome to the debate.
Deeysi said:
Yes, you should be able to use the mildde mouse button to toggle Cursor Lock. And yes, it will require editing the config manually. Under [Hotkeys], you want to change ToggleLockKey=4. This is the . Haven't actually tried it, though, but it should work. Let me know. http://snpxegevxze.com [url=http://oirglnnud.com]oirglnnud[/url] [link=http://xkjyfyyz.com]xkjyfyyz[/link]

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