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rsop.msc, gpresult ,secpol.msc,secedit,diskpart bootcfg cacls comp (like diff in linux) contig-defrag for ntfs driverquery fsutil sigverif control folders usepasswords userpasswords2 desktop printers mouse keyboard netconnections / ncpa.cpl color date/time /timedate.cpl admintools international appwiz.cpl -add/remove progs hdwwiz.cpl -add new hardware wizard inetcpl.cpl -internet prop mmsys.cpl -sound diskmgmt.msc -disk management eventvwr.msc -event viewer

Oussama said:
Sometimes I contemplate if folks truly take time to coposme something original, or are they only just dishing out words to fill a site. This certainly doesn't fit that mold. Thank you for taking the time to write with awareness. At times I look at a page and question whether they even proofread it.Fantastic work with this article.

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