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dv delux pinacle

install: -better to install on 98 than 2000- it is faster -first at device manager| open disk drive category|right click generic ide disk type|properties|setting tab|select dma|ok. make scandisk + disk difragmenter -turn off energy savings -98 :go to control panel |system|click performance tab |file system|trabelshooting tab|select disable write behind caching for all drives option under hard disk tab|set the read ahead optimization option to none. -connect cables from the blue computer connector out to the in video. from the in blue connector to the out video. -play a movie at the video then cupture it at the computer record: -at the pinnacle software|make tape tab|format must b composite -at the middle tab drag some shots then go to make movie tab| tape |create |push the play botton then start record. (if u had a tv there u should c the screen) play a short movie at the computer than ADJUST the video until u c the computer screen

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