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Dani said:
Thank you so much. You are the voice of your generation, the pelpoe who we really count on to carry Rena's message and to remember for us, when we can no longer. It is like passing the Olympic Torch, a relay through time to bring peace and understanding to all pelpoe. Here's to Hope, hdm http://qtelvxlnw.com [url=http://hxrynfufdk.com]hxrynfufdk[/url] [link=http://qfqhseirno.com]qfqhseirno[/link]
Lucero said:
I have now read this book three times. I read every night before bed and it was like I codlun't wait to crawl into bed every night to see what my friends Rena and Danka were going to endure next. It was so real. Very sad and my heart wept every night I read from this book. I wish I knew these two wonderful strong Ladies. It's definitely the best story on the holocaust I have ever read. The best from a survivor that's for sure. I read through them and every one I can find. But Rena, with hers I felt like I knew her and was there with her bravo on the book

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