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========================== F1 - help F2 - rename item F3 - search for files and folders, F4 - display the address list at the window notepad+F5 - show time F10 - activate the mane bar ALT+enter- display properties, CTRL+Esc/windows key- open the start menu Ctrl+w -close windows Ctrl+Shift+End: select the text from the cursor down shift+F10-open a right click menu win+M/D - minimize all open windows win+E - open explorer win+R - display run dialog box win+L - locks the desktop win+TAB - runs between the windows win+U - opens utility window win+F - opens search for files and folders win+F1 - display windows help win+pause/break - system properties alt+0176 -> ° hebrew nikud:cups lock = on, press shift+ the upper number

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