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choice batch file

choice batch file: ----------------- 1) @ECHO off SET testvar=2 IF %testvar%==2 ECHO Correct!!! EXIT ECHO Incorrect!!! 2) @ECHO OFF CLS :LOOP ECHO A. Menu item A ECHO B. Menu item B ECHO C. Menu item C ECHO Q. Quit :: SET /P prompts for input and sets the variable to whatever the user types SET Choice= SET /P Choice=Type the letter and press Enter: :: The syntax in the next line extracts the substring :: starting at 0 (the beginning) and 1 character long IF NOT %Choice%== SET Choice=%Choice:~0,1% ECHO. :: /I makes the IF comparison case-insensitive IF /I %Choice%==A GOTO ItemA IF /I %Choice%==B GOTO ItemB IF /I %Choice%==C GOTO ItemC IF /I %Choice%==Q GOTO End ECHO "%Choice%" is not valid. Please try again. ECHO. GOTO Loop :ItemA ECHO Insert commands for Item A. GOTO Again :ItemB ECHO Insert commands for Item B. GOTO Again :ItemC ECHO Insert commands for Item C. GOTO Again :Again PAUSE CLS GOTO Loop :End

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